Coworkers in UK Build 10-Foot Cardboard Castle

Courtesy Viking Direct(LONDON) — One group of coworkers in the United Kingdom were royally over the winter blues, so when their bosses challenged them to an in-office desk decorating contest, these four members of the creative team did quite a regal job.

“Returning to work after Christmas and New Year can be a bit of a struggle,” Viking Direct, a subsidiary of Office Depot, wrote on their blog. “To help beat the January blues in the Viking office, we decided to ask our team to decorate their desks with fun and creative things. However, we were totally unprepared for what they did: not content with simply bringing in small decorations, our creative team decided to build a giant castle – right in the middle of the office.”

Take a look at their epic cardboard castle which took the crafty employees about seven hours to complete. They even stayed late working on the covert castle in order to surprise their colleagues the next day.

“No one in the office knew about this project until it was finished and to capitalize on this, the team set up a secret camera to film their colleagues’ reactions as they arrived at work,” the blog explained.

The kings of the creative challenge used 500 pieces of cardboard from the trash and around 80 glue sticks for the masterpiece, which had a fully-functional drawbridge and stood nearly 10-feet-tall.

And although the fellas got an A for effort, all good things must come to an end.

Management told them it had to be removed Monday in order to “restore normality…”

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