Contest Rules

General Contest Rules

  1. No purchase necessary.  Contests are subject to federal, state and local laws.  Void where prohibited by law.  KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM reserves the right to pick an alternate winner if unable to contact the winner at the telephone numbers given on the winner form within two business days.  All contestants must be current Oregon residents in Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook or Wasco counties.  One entry per person. One person per household may win each contest once in a 30 day period.
  2. KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM and sponsors are not responsible for lost/stolen/postage due mail or late/misdirected mail, failed, incomplete or delayed transmission of Internet entries (if applicable) or for problems with computer, on-line, telephone or Internet communications or damage to user’s system as a result of participating in the contest.  Illegible/incomplete entries will be disqualified.  All entries become property of KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM and will not be returned.  False or deceptive entries or acts will render entrants ineligible.
  3. Listeners understand that if they call-in or enter any KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM contest (website or on-air) they may be called by KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM live on-the-air or taped live-on-the-air for use as part of the on-air contest or in future advertising on KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM.  Listeners further understand that permission to use their voice, likeness and/or name is granted by entering to win or calling-in to win any contest on KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM.  Each winner further grants KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM, Horizon Broadcasting Group, its sponsors and affiliates full permission and authority to use their name, likeness and/or voice in all forms of advertising without further compensation or permission.
  4. All on-air hosts are responsible for the execution of KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM contests during their individual shifts.  Any and all decisions made by the KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM on-air personalities are final.  Some contests may have more specific and detailed contest rules and those rules will be available by request from the KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM promotion department.  Any listener requesting contest rules must send a self-addressed envelope with a request for contest rules to: 854 N.E. 4th Street, Bend, OR  97701.
  5. Each large prize winner or trip winner will need to provide proof of identification (i.e.: drivers license, picture identification card) AND a social security number before any cash or trip prize is awarded.  Each winner (and travel companion, if applicable) must come to the KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM offices during regular business hours (Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm) to complete a Winner Release Form before the cash or trip will be released to the winner.  If the winner is under age 18 a parent or guardian must accompany the winner and co-sign the Winner Release Form.
  6. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and are not redeemable for credit, are non-transferable and non-endorsable.  In event a substitution for a prize may become necessary due to unavailability, a prize of equal or greater value will be substituted at sole discretion of KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM and any/all contest sponsors. KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM is not responsible for replacing concert tickets from cancelled shows.  All prizes must be picked up within two weeks of winning unless previous arrangements have been made with the station promotion staff.  If a prize is not picked up within two weeks of award all prizes are forfeited.
  7. The winner (or winner’s guardian) agrees to pay all expenses, taxes & fees not included in the prize. KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM will report to the government any winnings totaling $500 (in cash or fair market value) in a one-year period.  Winners will be notified in a 1099 Form if any earnings are reported and are responsible for payment of all taxes on any prize(s).
  8. Employees of KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM, Horizon Broadcasting Group LLC, Summit Broadcasting Group, LLC, participating vendors, affiliates, their dependents and immediate families, as well as employees of contest sponsors and/or other Central Oregon media companies are not eligible to participate or win.
  9. Participates waive any and all claims against KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM and the contest sponsors and their affiliate companies and employees for injuries, damages or losses related to the contest.
  10. Final determination of all winners will be determined solely by KQAK-FM/KLTW-FM/KWPK-FM/KRCO-AM/KBNW-AM/MYCENTRALOREGON.COM.
  11. Horizon Broadcasting Group reserves the right to amend the contest rules at any time.


(June 30, 2016)