Utah Is Happiest State in US, Study Finds

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The happiest state in the country is…Utah!

According to a study by WalletHub, the Beehive State was crowned the happiest state. Minnesota wasn’t too far behind, coming in at second place, while West Virginia came in last.

The study compiled data falling under the categories of “work,” “community, environment and recreational activities,” and “emotional and physical well-being.” Twenty-six metrics were then used to find out which states lead the nation in happiness.

Utah ranked in the top five states with the lowest divorce rate along with North Dakota, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Minnesota. Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada and the District of Columbia ranked in the top five states with the highest divorce rates.

Utah also ranked in the top five states with the lowest percentage of overweight people, highest sports participation rate, lowest median weekly hours worked, and highest volunteerism rate.

The least happy state, West Virginia, scored in the top five states with highest prevalence of obesity, lowest sports participation rate, and highest prevalence of inadequate sleep.

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