Jeb Bush Takes Jab at Hillary Clinton: 'I Don’t Need to Go to Chipotle'

Charles Sykes/NBC(CONCORD, N.H.) — When it comes to Mexican food, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush doesn’t need a campaign stop to stock up — he cooks it himself.

“I actually cook it at home. I don’t need to go to Chipotle,” Bush said at a Republican gathering at the Snow Shoe Club when asked whether he goes to the burrito restaurant.

Though he didn’t mention Hillary Clinton by name, Bush was clearly aware of her recent pit stop to the Mexican fast food chain on her road trip across the country, taking the opportunity Thursday night to take a not so subtle jab at the former secretary of state.

“Do I go there? Yeah, I go there. The one on US 1. Drive my own car, park my own car, get out of my own car,” he said.  “Get Chipotle, take it home.” (Notably when Bush left the event Thursday night, he sat in the passenger’s seat of the black SUV that awaited him).

“But we normally cook our own food, my own Mexican food at home. It’s pretty good,” he said.

Bush has previously talked about his love of cooking Mexican food, saying he makes a “really good guacamole.”

In other food related news, Bush broke his Paleo diet at the “Politics and Pie” themed event, gleefully shoveling fork after fork of blueberry pie into his mouth. Bush was unapologetic about his blatant breach of the Paleo rules.

“This is a total violation,” he said.  “To hell with the diet. Where are the French fries?”

And it’s looking more and more like Bush isn’t a strict adherent of the Paleo diet.  He acknowledged to ABC News that he does indeed enjoy a non-Paleo friendly glass of wine from time to time.

“Actually, I drink wine in the evenings sometimes, and that’s not Paleo either,” he said.

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