Batman Can Beat Up Anybody, Including The Hulk, Says Michael Keaton

Kerry Hayes/Open Road Films(LOS ANGELES) — Who would win in a fight between Batman and The Hulk? A former Batman has a thought.

Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo co-star in the drama Spotlight, playing investigative journalists. Keaton tells ABC Radio that it didn’t initially occur to either of them that they have both played superheroes on the big screen — Keaton, as Batman, and Ruffalo, as The Hulk.

When asked who would have the upper hand in a clash, Keaton answered, “Everyone needs to stop asking the question of who could beat up who. Batman kicks everybody’s a**. And if they won’t, I will, Bruce Wayne will.” 

Keaton and Ruffalo’s new movie, Spotlight, focuses on the investigation into the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal in Boston. It’s in select theaters Friday and expands to additional screens in two weeks.

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