Save Outdoor Schools For All Garners Gov. Kate Brown’s Support – Generates Natl. Buzz

Statewide, Ore. – Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced her support for the Save Outdoor School for All (Measure 99) ballot measure this week, highlighting the importance of outdoor education for Oregon’s children while setting aside concerns that the bill may impact other economic development efforts. In support of Measure 99, Gov. Brown stated:

“There’s no better way to develop a bond with our natural environment than spending time outdoors. That connection is an important part of growing up in Oregon and is fundamental to instilling the values of conservation in our children.

“While I support the measure, I will preserve funding for important economic development programs currently funded by the lottery.”

Beyond the Governor’s office, the measure is also generating national buzz. The Christian Science Monitor published an extensive article this week about Oregon’s Outdoor School program as a ground-breaking way to strengthen and preserve children’s connection to the natural world. After researching and interviewing dozens of educators, kids and other local program participants, the article pointed to the program’s strong educational and social benefits–while highlighting that Oregon will be the first state to vote on funding outdoor education for all its students.

Given its economic, educational and community benefits, the Save Outdoor School for All effort continues to garner support from educators, local businesses, health organizations and natural resources leaders. Starker Forests, New Seasons Market, REI, Columbia Sportswear, Kaiser, Portland Association of Teachers, Coastal Farm and Ranch, Oregon Women in Agriculture, Timberline Lodge, The Nature Conservancy are just a few of the prominent organizations that have come out in support of Measure 99.