Oregon Senate Bill Would Allow Gun Safety to be Taught to First Graders

(KDRV-TV ABC 12) – Senate Bill 801 would allow, but not require, public and private schools to have a 30 minute class on firearm safety and accident prevention for first graders.

The proposed bill says that the class must be taught by a teacher, administrator, law enforcement agent or “first responder.” None of these people are required to be firearms instructors. “First responder” is not defined in the bill.

While the bill specifies what the curriculum must include, it does not have a prepared curriculum so it is left up to whoever is teaching the class. The bill says that first graders are to learn:

1. The proper steps a student should take upon encountering an unsecured firearm;
2. The differences between video game violence and real-life violence; and
3. The dangers of confusing toy guns and real guns.

The proposal is scheduled to have a public hearing on March 27th at 1:00pm in the Senate Committee on Education.

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