Police called to kids' lemonade stand had the sweetest reaction

iStock(NEWBURGH, N.Y.) — When a passerby called the cops on a group of kids with a lemonade stand, the responding officers had the perfect reaction.

“So the kids where I live decided to have a lemonade stand during rush hour. Smart idea. However, some bitter person decided to call the cops on them,” Whitney Glover shared on Facebook. “Instead of the officers shutting it down they decided to have a cup themselves. Thanks Town of Newburgh Police Department.”

Officers Thomas O’Connell Jr. and Clayton Dubois responded to the initial complaint call Monday night over a concern for “kids with signs in the roadway,” chief of police Donald Bruce Campbell told ABC News.

“I thought they handled the situation perfectly,” Chief Campbell said. “They first made sure that the kids were safe and were not causing danger to themselves or the public, then they took some time out of their day and before their next call to purchase some lemonade and interact with the kids. It was a great job by them.”

Glover, who took the photos and shared the sweet moment, confirmed to ABC News that her daughter was in the green shirt helping sell lemonade.

“We live in the complex and all the children play with each other,” she said. “The officers did stay for about 10 minutes enjoying a cup of lemonade with them.”

The Town of Newburgh Police Department later shared Glover’s post on their own social media and wrote, “We’re very proud when our officers have a positive impact on the community, especially the children.”

Glover said the kids’ stand stayed open and “is still open until the kids go back to school Wednesday.”

In over three years as chief of police, Campbell said he had never witnessed a similar call or incident.

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