Kevin Bacon: “I'd play Joe Exotic in a second!”

ABC/Eric McCandless(NEW YORK) — Like most people in lockdown, Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick have been digging on Netflix’s Tiger King.

In fact, on NBC’s Today this morning, Bacon took fan service of the “amazing” series even further: “I’d play Joe Exotic in a second,” he admitted to Al Roker. 

The actor and advocate added that he’s got his eye on rumors of a filmed version of the docuseries. “I said to my wife…’The reason that I’m watching this show is these are the kind of characters I get asked to play.'”

Bacon added, “And to me, documentaries are way better…This is my type of guy, you know, so fingers crossed.”

The actor also chatted about how his organization, Six Degrees, is stepping up to feed first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think our country has been incredible — you look at the numbers, at the way people have shown generosity during this very, very difficult time…We come away with gratitude,” Bacon says.

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