Grocery Outlet Independence from Hunger 2020

About Independence from Hunger
 In the current state of school closures, children and their families in vulnerable and
disadvantaged communities throughout the US are at risk of experiencing food
insecurity, lacking the basic nutrients necessary for the development of an active,
healthy life.
 In 2020, food agencies have experienced a growing need to provide food for children
who were prematurely released from school due to COVID-19, resulting in lower
inventories across the country.
 In order to combat food insecurity, on June 24 th , Grocery Outlet will launch its 10 th
annual Independence from Hunger (IFH) national food drive campaign.
 The campaign will collect food and cash donation at Grocery Outlet’s 350+ stores and
online. The campaign is organized to run through the end of July, and all proceeds will
be distributed directly to local food agencies across the country.
 Online donations support the San Francisco Bay Area community through our
partnership with Alameda County Community Food Bank.
 In the first 9 years, we worked with our community of customers, employees and
partners to collectively raise over $7 million in cash and food donations.
 Last year was our biggest year to date, raising over $2 million dollars.
 This year, Grocery Outlet has pledged to match up to $1M to encompass the impact of
Independence from Hunger’s effort to support local food agencies across the nation.
Ways You Can Help
 Give $5, get $5. Donate $5 or more in a single transaction in-store or online and you will
receive a coupon for $5 off a future purchase of $25 or more.
 Go to your local Grocery Outlet store and pick up a pre-made bag that is filled with an
assortment of the groceries that have been identified as needed.
 Tell your cashier you want to make a cash donation at the register. Donations will go
directly to that store’s local food agency partner. Donate $1, $5 or round up your

 Join the events at your local store to support the Independence from Hunger food
 Donate online by visiting Online donations support the Bay
Area community through our partnership with Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Supporting Data Points
 According to the USDA’s latest analysis of Food Insecurity in America, over 11 million
households suffer limited access to food sources and suffer from food insecurity.
 Source Link: USDA, Household Food Security in the United States in 2018
 Brookings estimates, as of April 2020, households deemed food insecure was
estimated between 22-38%. In comparison to previous years, the number of
households lacking the resources for a stable food supply has perchance tripled, making
current rates of food insecurity higher than ever before.
 Source Link: COVID-19 crisis has already left too many children hungry in