Oregon’s minimum wage increases on July 1st

Minimum wage workers will get a raise when Oregon’s minimum wage rates go up on July 1.
“Minimum wage increases help make sure that hardworking Oregon families can afford the
essentials in our state,” says Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle. “If you make minimum wage, you
should check your paycheck to make sure you get your raise.”
As of July 1, Oregon minimum wages will be:
Portland metro area (within urban growth boundary): $13.25 per hour
Standard counties (and outside urban growth boundary): $12.00 per hour
Non-urban counties: $11.50 per hour
Oregon’s minimum wage rate depends on work location, as the state is divided into three
minimum wage regions. More information is available at oregon.gov/minimumwage.
These rate increases are the fourth yearly increases since 2016. Minimum wage rates will
continue to increase each year until 2023, at which point they will be indexed to inflation based
on Consumer Price Index (CPI), a figure published by the United States Bureau of Labor
The federal minimum wage has not gone up since 2009. At $7.25, it is now a full $4.25 less
per hour than Oregon’s lowest minimum wage. Oregon workers must be paid Oregon
minimum wage, with few exceptions.
Workers who aren’t receiving the correct minimum wage or don’t receive the increased
minimum wage can contact BOLI to make a complaint at oregon.gov/minimumwage.
Employers can visit the same webpage for answers to questions or to download the required
worksite poster. They can also contact our employer assistance hotline by emailing
bolita@boli.state.or.us or calling 971-673-0824.

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