On May 30, 2020, 20-year-old Bend resident Dylan Freville drove his pick-up truck past hundreds of people rallying in support of black lives.  On at least two occasions he quickly accelerated his truck as he passed the rally, causing thick plumes of diesel smoke to eject from his truck’s exhaust pipe onto rally attendees, causing them physical discomfort. This act is referred to colloquially as “rolling coal” and is often done to people riding bicycles, people driving electric cars, and, of late, people attending black lives matter rallies.


Mr. Freville was identified due to rally attendees taking pictures and videos of the incidents, and Mr. Freville bragging about what he did in an Instagram post.  The Bend Police Department cited Mr. Freville for the crime of harassment.


Today, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel charged Mr. Freville with two counts of harassment. Mr. Freville is presumed innocent of these charges, and in fact is innocent of them, unless and until the State proves his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 


Mr. Freville’s first court appearance is for an arraignment on August 13, 2020 at 1:15. 


Statement from District Attorney Hummel:


“Perhaps no right in our country is more fundamental than the right of peaceful assembly. Those who disagree with messages being shared by those who assemble, have the right to assemble to share their opposition, but they have no right to resort to violence.  To the rolling coal practitioners in our community, I say: use your words, not your smoke.  If you use your smoke, you’ll be held accountable.”