Madras, OR — The Plateau Travel Plaza is planning a weeklong celebration of the 3.5
million professional truck drivers who deliver America’s freight safely and securely every
day. Sanctioned by the American Trucking Association, this year’s National Truck Driver
Appreciation Week runs from September 13 – 19, 2020.
“Professional truck drivers, and particularly the thousands who regularly visit here at the
Plateau Travel Plaza, deliver for America in the most important ways, and they are
deserving of our praise, recognition, and appreciation,” said Jamasa Sattler, Acting
Manager for Plateau Travel Plaza. “We’re proud to honor them during this year’s National
Truck Driver Appreciation Week.”
This year’s celebration takes on a special meaning due to the spread of COVID-19,
according to the American Trucking Association. Professional truck drivers stepped up
when they were needed most and have kept the economy on its feet despite facing
unprecedented obstacles.
Sattler said the Plateau Travel Plaza is marking the week with activities and giveaways
including free lunches, discounts on auto supplies and accessories, windshield washing,
and free goodie bags for drivers.
“We recognize the efforts of these hard-working men and women who contribute greatly
to our quality of life and truly move America forward,” Sattler said.
According to the American Trucking Association, the hard-working men and women
behind the wheel safely transport over 10 billion tons of goods and products every year,
which accounts for 70% of America’s total annual freight. In fact, 80% of U.S.
communities depend solely on trucking to deliver goods.

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