Monitor sprinkler systems for safety during freezing weather

Fall is here and some sprinkler systems are still programmed to turn on as people try to make their vegetation last as long as possible. With the onset of freezing nighttime temperatures, what was overspray in summer and early fall becomes a hazard when irrigation water turns to ice. The Deschutes County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee encourages residents and business owners to adjust irrigation systems as soon as possible to prevent hazardous walking and biking conditions.
Although people need to be cautious of slippery surfaces when walking or bicycling in the fall and winter, walkers or cyclists may not expect to encounter ice on their paths of travel.
Over the years, several bicycle and pedestrian accidents related to icy sidewalks and streets have occurred. A few accidents were severe enough the victims had to be hospitalized. While incidents like these are not common, they are preventable with cooperation from the landscape contractor industry and homeowners/renters. Please test all systems to ensure that adjacent walkways and roadways are not being irrigated.
The Deschutes County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is a County- appointed committee that works to promote and encourage safe bicycling and walking as a significant means of transportation Deschutes County.
For more information, please call Tanya Saltzman, Associate Planner at (541) 388-6528.