The Christmas Tree Project Delivers Free Trees to those in Need

Lindsay Greco Founds a Local Organization Dedicated to Providing Holiday Spirit
BEND, Ore. – November 16, 2020- Local volunteer and community activist Lindsay Greco is
passionate about the holiday season. Not only does she enjoy celebrating with a Christmas tree,
but she wants others to have the same opportunity, which is why she founded The Christmas
Tree Project of Bend.
The organization is dedicated to providing free, decorated Christmas trees to those who have
physical limitations or who may not have the means to buy and decorate a tree each holiday
Greco founded the organization following the passing of her husband after a long battle with Lou
Gehrig's Disease. When he was ill, she did not have the time or energy to purchase and
decorate a tree despite the fact that now she realizes it would have made the holiday season
brighter for her family.
"I was so overwhelmed and distracted caring for my husband that even the thought of trimming a
tree and putting up decorations was just unbearable," said Founder Lindsay Greco. "Without a
Christmas tree, the holidays just felt like any other time of the year. I realize now that I missed
sharing precious holiday memories with my husband before his passing."
The organization is seeking donations and volunteers to support the effort this holiday season in
addition to donated trucks to transport trees, donated lights and ornaments, tree stands, and of
course, live trees. For more information, please contact Lindsay Greco at (541) 699-8200 or or visit: www .christmastreeprojectofbend .org.
To receive a Christmas tree, families can visit the website and complete a request form:

About the Christmas Tree Project of Bend
The Christmas Tree Project of Bend was founded by Lindsay Greco following the loss of her
husband, Domenic after a long battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Lindsay had served as her
husband's caregiver and learned quickly that as much as she wanted to keep up the many holiday
traditions her family had created through the years, she could not. She was far too distracted and
overwhelmed to consider putting up and decorating a Christmas tree. As she now reflects back on
those last weeks of each year, she realized that her family truly missed out on celebrating precious
holiday memories with her husband before his passing. In an effort to help others in a similar
situation, she founded the Christmas Tree Project of Bend to offer beautifully decorated Christmas
trees to those with physical limitation and families who may not have the means to provide a
Christmas tree any other way. For information about the project or to donate or volunteer, visit: