Bend Planning Commission Has Vacancy

The City of Bend is accepting applications to fill a vacancy on the Planning Commission. Applications can be submitted online and are being accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Planning Commissioners are volunteers, appointed by City Council. Commissioners can serve two four-year terms, or up to 10 years if appointed mid-term. They review and make recommendations regarding land use matters subject to the processes of State law and City code.

The commission has one open position. It is to fill the remainder of a four-year term that ends December 2024. Consideration shall be given to representatives of the various geographical parts of the City of Bend, as well as those with familiarity with land use and development in Bend.

The City Council has focused attention on implementation of the community’s growth plan identified in the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion and accompanying Comprehensive Plan policies. This plan highlights the need for more urban-style development in opportunity areas, infill development, a variety of housing types to meet the community’s housing needs, as well as master planning UGB expansion areas. The Planning Commission will continue to play a key role in the implementation of this plan. Familiarity with the concepts listed above is desirable.

For questions about serving on the Planning on Commission, contact Chief Operating Officer Jon Skidmore at or 541-693-2175.

For more information about the Planning Commission, visit

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